In order to achieve operational and management excellence with market leading customer satisfaction, IPL has successfully deployed the IPL’s Systems (Kawuryan) on Jan 1, 2015, starting with Spare-part management Systems (SPMS). This supply chain management platform now utilizes the latest Web 3.0 technology which integrates the Trucking operation, warehouse operation and financial processes.

Competitive price without impair our services

Demonstrates that we use industry-respected best practise. Our business run secure and effectively. We also improving operational performance and saving hidden cost.

Our security officers run 24 hours and equipped with camera survaillance.

To Strengthen our partrneship with trucking vendor, agents and local distribution to optimize our network path and cost.

Our Services

Manage delivery of customer’s products to the destination as their expectation. We also able to customize schedule of multidrop and multipickup of distribution suitable with customer’s operation efficiency.


     Warehouse Management                                  Transport Management                                 Courier Service management                                     Freight Management                        Supply Chain Management Consultancy

We will continuously improve the way we work so that our customers will satisfy to our service

We are confident of guaranteeing excellent service quality and customer’s satisfactory, and also maintaining mutual and favourable relationship.