Indotama Partner Logistics or Indotamalogs was established in the year 2008, to respond the logistics needs in Indonesia market. Started from jakarta , Indotamalogs in the year 2010 serves logistics and distribution around Indonesia, with some warehouses built in in Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, Batam, Balikpapan, and Pekanbaru.

With our professional staffs have extensive experience and education, this result will bring you the best service in logistic specialist. As specialist , we help customers in warehousing, distribution, cross docking and courier service.

The company has grown up to be excellent in Supply Chain services, with fully equipped by latest technology such as : Integration application, Barcode scanner, RFID, and etc.

Our significant growth employee started from 10 people who dedicated their passion to this company. Nowadays, we have approx. 250 people work with us.

We will continuously improve the way we work, so that our customers will satisfy to our service.

e are confident of guaranteeing excellent service quality and customer’s satisfactory, and also maintaining mutual and favourable relationship.

Deliver the best service in Logistic and Transportation with fully support in update Technology as value added to our valuable customers.

Our commitment to provide: