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Trucking & Distribution

Efficient Trucking & Distribution Services that Keep Your Business Moving

We understand the critical role that efficient and reliable transportation plays in your supply chain. That's why we offer comprehensive Trucking & Distribution services tailored to your needs. With our extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, we ensure seamless transportation solutions that keep your business moving forward.

Choose the Perfect Truck for Your Needs

We take pride in managing a versatile fleet of approximately 200 trucks, catering to various transportation needs. Whether you require a Wing Box Truck, Engkel Wing Box, Engkel Box, CDD Long, CDD, CDE, or Blind Van, we have the right truck to handle your cargo. Our trucks have different weight capacities and cubic volumes, ensuring we can accommodate shipments of various sizes and dimensions.

Wing Box Truck

45 Cbm
16000 Kg

Fuso Engkel

20 Cbm
7000 Kg


10 Cbm
4000 Kg


6 Cbm
2000 Kg

Blind Van

3 Cbm
800 Kg

Inland Transportation

Whether you require Full Truckload (FTL), Less than Truckload (LTL), or Partial Delivery services, IPL has you covered. Our well-maintained fleet and experienced drivers ensure prompt and secure transportation of your goods nationwide. With our inland transportation solutions, you can trust us to deliver your shipments quickly and precisely.

Multi-Pick-Up and Drop Service

Managing multiple pick-up and drop locations can be complex and time-consuming. At IPL, we simplify the process with our Multi Pick-Up and Drop service. Our logistics experts coordinate and optimize the logistics flow, ensuring timely collection and delivery of your goods to various destinations. With our streamlined approach, you can save time and focus on your core business operations.

Milk-Run Consolidation Service

Efficiently managing the transportation of goods from multiple suppliers to a central location requires a well-executed logistics strategy. IPL's Milk-Run service is designed to handle just that. We coordinate the collection of goods from different suppliers and consolidate them into a single shipment, optimizing transportation costs and reducing lead times. Our expertise in Milk-Run logistics ensures smooth operations and cost-effective transportation solutions for your business.

Project Handling (Direct-to-site)

For specialized projects requiring direct delivery to specific sites, IPL offers Project Handling services. Our dedicated team and specialized equipment are equipped to handle unique requirements of your project. From oversized cargo to time sensitive deliveries, we have the expertise and resources to ensure a seamless and successful execution. With IPL as your trusted logistics partner, you can rely on us to deliver your project cargo safely and on time

Dangerous Goods Transportation

Safety is paramount especially in handling the transportation of Dangerous Cargo, as such we at IPL take maximum measures to ensure that our armada are well maintained and our drivers are selectively qualified. According to Road Safety Data, accidents are often caused by 3 major factors; road infrastructure, transportation medium and human error which makes up 80-90 percent of the problems. Selected drivers at IPL have gone through stringent training and received the B3 Certification Competency in handling dangerous goods, ensuring safety above all for every road users and your cargo.

Why Choose IPL Trucking & Distribution Service?

Efficient and seamless transportation of goods across the Indonesian archipelago is our forte. Our extensive network of warehouses strategically located throughout Indonesia enables us to offer reliable trucking and distribution services. Trust IPL to handle your logistics needs with utmost care and precision from port to port, warehouse to warehouse, and beyond.

Take control of your trucking and distribution needs with our expert guidance. Schedule a consultation to discuss your requirements and explore how we can optimize your logistics operations